Walk Away Your Hips & Thighs w/Fit Cuff

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Miles: 2 plus firming session
Run Time: 55 min
Music Only Option: No
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Product Details

Walking doesn't get any better than this! Leslie's complete total body walking program will give you serious fat burning and amazing lower body sculpting - all in one powerful energizing workout. Boost that calorie burn with a 2 mile 'power walk' - a fun fast workout with our classic in home walking moves - ramped up to keep your metabolism humming. Then, get ready legs! You are about to meet Leslie's newest booster, the Fit Cuff. This amazing fitness tool will target every inch of the lower body.

* Fit Cuff not included with Download version and must be purchased separately.

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* Results achieved with WALK at HOME® workouts and following a healthy reduced calorie diet. The results depicted are not typical and results may vary based on your effort, diet and other factors.