Walk 15 DVDs

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INTRODUCING our new series WALK 15! This 15 Mile set includes a 1 mile walk, a 2 mile walk, a 3 mile walk, a 4 mile walk, and a 5 mile walk. Each Mile is paced at 15 minutes ... or LESS!

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1 Mile Walk

This is a 1 Mile "walking" workout in 15 minutes! Our classic "steps to miles" method measures this as a 4 mile per hour speed. That is brisk and strong to get fitness results! Stay motivated with our amazing cast of walkers! Leslie leads this Mile and introduces 4 new Walk Leaders that will lead throughout the series! Cool Down and stretch session ends the workout!

Running Time: 22 minutes

2 Mile Walk

The 2 Mile Workout includes our crazy popular WALK Concert! Sing ... while you walk ... "I LOVE Music!" That's one of the Hit songs that gives you the fast beat (pace) to WALK yourself healthy! 2 Miles of fitness in less than 30 minutes + Cool Down Stretch!

Mile 1 Watch out .... "all fitness breaks loose" .... the Hit Music starts and everyone gets crazy funny ... but no worries it's all - it's still "serious" fitness! Leslie leads this WALK CONCERT! Our classic walking moves but don't miss "Issac" busting some dance moves too! Mile 2 We WALK STRONG as Rocky leads us in Mile 2! We get every muscle in motion at just the right fat burning pace! Muscle conditioning, calorie torching, health improving, posture perfecting ... that's what our Walking Workouts do!

Running Time: 28 Minutes 30 seconds

3 Mile Walk

Are you ready to walk? Join Leslie and Nick as they take you through 3 miles with strength training and a cool down! This 3 Mile workout is packed with FITNESS and FUN! Leslie kicks things off with a speedy Walk Concert Mile! Then Nick takes over for Mile 2, and only he can have you laughing, walking, burning cals ... all at once! The third Mile incorporates the fitness band and targets more belly slimming, arm sculpting, and overall muscle toning! This is a sweaty one!

Running time 48: 50

4 Mile Walk

The 4 Mile workout is A BIG calorie burner! 4 Miles of fitness including Cardio, Strength and Flexibility all in one workout! Super Walkers will love this line up of Leaders and Miles! Leslie leads Mile 1 with a Walk Concert and the best Hit Music that you know and love! SING! WALK! BURN! Next up Nadyia leads a speedy Mile 2! Then get ready for HiiT Training! Leslie & Nick lead Mile 3 using the HiiT method of training! It's one of the most effective ways to get fit! And the perfect Mile 4 with Kamilah as our Coach! Just the right pace to finish strong!

Running time: 1 hour 5 minutes

5 Mile Walk

The 5 Mile Workout! We call it "Our great big .... fat burning .... FUNNY .... 5 Mile Workout!" Mile after Mile will MOTIVATE you with great Leaders, inspiring walkers, fitness for ALL! Simply stated ... this 5 Mile Workout is the BOMB! Each mile is unique and loaded with all the essentials of fitness! This is the long walk that offers a BIG calorie BURN! Mile 1 DON'T miss this one! Our 3 Leaders TEAM TEACH! Join Kamilah, Rocky & Nadyia as they tag team lead .... so FUN and this Mile FLIES! Mile 2 Nick leads with an all male cast of walkers! But never worry .... all Miles are Fitness for All! Go Guys Go! Mile 3 Are you ready to RUN a MILE? You read that right .... it says "RUN" .... Leslie & Nick show you how to BOOST your Walk to an advanced level! You can do it! Mile 4 Nick is back in the lead (and funnier than ever) with a Family Walk .... all ages can follow this brisk pace! Don't miss the faces of the kids .... precious! Mile 5 Nadyia finishes with Mile 5 at just the right fat burning pace to end this sweaty exercise session! Cool Down Walk & Stretch always ends the workout!

Running time: 1 hour 20 Minutes

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* Results achieved with WALK at HOME® workouts and following a healthy reduced calorie diet. The results depicted are not typical and results may vary based on your effort, diet and other factors.