The Burn to the Beat! Walk

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Difficulty: All Fitness Levels
Miles: 3
Run Time: 75 Min
Music Only Option: Yes
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Product Details

Description: Kick Start your fitness goal by burning to the beat! This walk workout gives you the speed you need to get started on your goal of getting fit and boosting your calorie burn! You'll learn the easy way to increase your speed and intensity simply by increasing the BEAT of the music.

These walks are all designed around the beat of customized fitness music for a workout that can take you from starter speed all the way to a SUPER WALKER speed.

Start with the EASY BEAT MILE. This 20-minute, 3 mph walk is the perfect pace to get you started on your fitness journey.

Then move to the BRISK BEAT MILE. This 15-minute, 4 mph walk is a pace that is brisk enough to give you a big burn!

And finally, try the SUPER BEAT MILE. This 12-minute, 5 mph walk will have you walking--and burning--more like a runner!

We are talking BURN...Calorie Burn...and this workout allows you to choose the right pace for you right now--whether that's an easy burn, a brisk burn, a super burn or all three in a row!

Bonus Segment: After the burn...Tone your arms, thighs, and backend. Sculpt your waistline, strengthen your back and core muscles. Then end your workout with a well-deserved, total body stretch. It feels SO GOOD!

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* Results achieved with WALK at HOME® workouts and following a healthy reduced calorie diet. The results depicted are not typical and results may vary based on your effort, diet and other factors.