Mix & Match Walk Blasters

Difficulty: Beg/Int/Adv
Miles: n/a (each segment less than 1 mile)
Run Time: 106 min total
Music Only Option: Yes
Disclaimer: Discs purchased from our online store will ONLY play in Region 1 compatible players (US and Canada). Please consider the download or streaming options if you live outside North America.
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Product Details

Got 10 minutes? Then you have time to get started on your health goals! If you want to lose weight, increase energy, slim legs, tone arms, trim waistline, manage stress, improve heart health you name it, Fitness Walking can help! And, our Mini Walk Blasters fit into even the busiest schedule.

If you have just 10 minutes some days, 20 minutes other days or sometimes even 30+ minutes a day to exercise, you can choose from the 10 different Mini Walks to create a custom walking session that works for you. Leslie packed so much into this program! You'll love the NEW ways to WALK... sweat... tone... Kick... punch... even DANCE really! We do it the walkers way. Mix + Match Minis = MORE benefit in LESS time!

Here's the Mini Walk lineup: Light Walk! Brisk + Steady! Interval Walk! Short + Sweaty! Walk, Kick + Jab! Dance Walk! Tummy Trimmer! Lower Body Blast! Upper Body Blast! Flexibility Walk! Plus, in each 10-minute Mini Walk, Leslie offers one tip from her Top 10 Healthy Life list. You can mix + match any way you like.

The easy-to-use DVD menu allows you to plan your own workout combinations. Plus, Leslie offers you three pre-planned workouts made up of her favorite combinations. With so many options, you can't help but STAY MOTIVATED! Minutes a day... not hours a day... can be the secret that turns your fitness around!

The Steps to Miles® system is a registered trademark of Walk Productions, Inc.
* Results achieved with WALK at HOME® workouts and following a healthy reduced calorie diet. The results depicted are not typical and results may vary based on your effort, diet and other factors.