The ALL NEW faster way to walk off weight... at home!
  • Miracle Miles has everything that's been most effective in walking workouts
  • Includes 5 complete workout DVDs:
    1 Mile, 2 Mile, 3 Mile, 4 Mile and 5 Mile-that's 15 MILES of walking!
  • Each DVD is an all-in-one workout with cardio, strength and flexibility!
  • 3 bonus toning segments
  • New sculpting Miracle Miles Band
  • 7-Day Quick Start Walk & Meal Plan
  • Workout Calendar
There's no place like HOME... to walk yourself healthy!
FEEL the enthusiasm and GET INSPIRED to start YOUR own Walk at Home MIRACLE! Watch here for all the new features and stories of superstar walkers to get you MOTIVATED!
What you get:
Walk at home workouts are multi muscle, calorie torching, posture perfecting, range of motion improving, health club quality workouts! You just can't beat this way to walk-for health-for weight loss!
The Workouts:
The 1 Mile Walk! Fast walking burns BIG calories! Includes an introduction to the Miracle Miles Band to improve range of motion and flexibility. Three Bonus features include upper, lower and full body strength training. Total Running Time: 35 min.
The 2 Mile Walk! Belly slimming workout! Moves walkers through a warm-up and then builds up speed and intensity for maximum calorie burn. Incorporates sculpting Miracle Miles Band to get faster results. Total Running Time: 30 min.
The 3 Mile Walk! Belly slimming AND thigh slimming! Building off the first two workouts, this one focuses on fast walking and "all-over" sculpting with the Miracle Miles Band. Total Running Time: 45 min.
The 4 Mile Walk! Big combo of miles, sculpting and increased intensity! Every mile burns more to get you slimmer, sculpted and strengthened. Total Running Time: 60 min.
The 5 Mile Walk! Brings the feel of a WALK Concert to your home! The full walk results in hundreds of calories burned all to the beat of hit songs you love. Total Running Time: 75 min.
Miracle Miles Band:
Included in this system is a sculpting band designed to bring your walk to the next level. The band supports full body walk workouts for all levels.
7-Day Quick Start Guide & Meal Plan:
Miracle Miles includes a 7-Day Quick Start Guide to support you as you jump into the new system. It includes seven breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Additionally, it provides tips on how to eat right all the time with little effort. And, the meal plan is flexible enough for everyone's unique tastes!
The Workout Calendar:
Shows you which workout to complete each day. The calendar is broken up into the four seasons to help you progress throughout the entire year. Included are tips for beginner walkers and advanced walkers to maximize your workout.
$39.00 for download/streaming version, which includes calendar & meal plan only. The band is available for purchase separately.

* Results achieved with WALK at HOME® workouts and following a healthy reduced calorie diet. The results depicted are not typical and results may vary based on your effort, diet and other factors.